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About Retro Manufacturing

Retro Manufacturing has been designing classic car stereos, speakers, and audio accessories for the restoration marketplace for over a decade. Our passion for classic vehicles and our love of top-quality sound systems has driven us to develop solutions for over 2,000 classic cars and trucks over the years. Today, we continue to invest in new product designs and expand our product offering to include more classic vehicles, bringing new and exciting audio products to the market for classic car fans all over the world. Each new iteration of our products offers the most up-to-date technologies in hardware and software, ensuring the best audio quality possible in a classic car or truck.

Our Vision

At Retro Manufacturing, we are dedicated to preserving the timeless essence of classic vehicles while seamlessly integrating cutting-edge audio technology. Our mission is to provide enthusiasts with unparalleled audio solutions that enhance their driving experience, embodying the perfect fusion of nostalgia and innovation.

Our Brands

RetroSound radios are the most technologically advanced car stereo available for classic cars and trucks. With updated features like the latest Bluetooth®, SiriusXM-Ready®, made-for-iPhone/iPod, USB, RCA outputs, and more, RetroSound brand radios transform your classic car into your favorite daily driver! To take your listening experience to the next level, RetroSound speakers, kick panels, and accessories cover everything you need for a top-quality stereo system.

RetroAntenna classic car antennas cover thousands of makes and models and is your go-to source for aftermarket replacement antennas, upgraded power antennas, or hide-away antenna solutions for your favorite classic ride.

RetroMat brand products are classic car lovers’ best friend when it comes to eliminating all the road noise and vibration normally experienced in a classic car or truck. RetroMat eliminates excessive noise and greatly reduces external heat from outside the cabin or engine bay.

RetroPods are the ultimate solution for installing speakers classic that did not have factory speakers. They mount to any flat surface like your doors, package tray, or rear deck without the need to cut large holes in the interior, making them ideal for adding additional speakers in new locations. Paint or wrap the RetroPods to match your vehicle’s interior to add a custom kick panel that blends seamlessly with your interior.

Officially Licensed Products

Retro Manufacturing offers many officially licensed products for Ford, GM, and Mopar restorations to provide an authentic look in your classic vehicle.


Retro Manufacturing is a proud member of SEMA, ARMO and the restoration community. We love working with local builders and restoration shops and seeing our products represented in your builds. For more information, please submit a sponsorship request. We are located in Henderson, Nevada, and are also members of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. We strongly believe in supporting your local community and passionately support local charities. We often donate to organizations in support of local kids, Veterans, and first responders. If you're working on an important project, contact us if there is something we can do to help.

Awards and Accolades

We're deeply appreciative of the industry accolades we have received. They stand as a testament to our dedication to developing great products and our passion for exceptional audio. The overwhelming support from the restoration community fills us with immense gratitude and drives us to continuously push the boundaries of innovation creating products for the restoration community.

SEMA New Product Awards

The annual SEMA New Product Awards recognizes outstanding achievements in new product development for the automotive specialty-equipment market at the SEMA Show. The products are judged in 16 categories on innovation, technical achievement, quality, and workmanship.

  • 2023 Best New Interior Accessory Product – Europa Radio (runner up)
  • 2023 Packaging Design – Europa Radio (runner up)
  • 2022 Best New Interior Accessory Product – Denver Radio (runner up)
  • 2022 Best New Packaging Design – Huntington Radio (runner up)
  • 2014 Best New Mobile Electronics Product – Newport Radio (runner up)
  • 2014 Best New Mobile Electronics Product – RetroPod (runner up)

ARMO Hot Product Showcase

The ARMO Hot Products Showcase takes place every year at Spring Carlisle in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and recognizes the year’s hottest products for the automotive restoration community.

  • 2024 Hot Product Awards - SUB8100
  • 2022 Hot Product Awards – Detroit Radio
  • 2021 Hot Product Awards – Redondo Radio
  • 2019 Hot Product Awards – Daytona Radio
  • 2018 Hot Product Awards - Wonder Bar Radio

SEMA Global Media Awards

Having received numerous SEMA Global Media Awards from esteemed publications worldwide, from countries as far away as Brazil and Australia, we're humbled by the international acclaim. This global recognition fuels our commitment to enhancing accessibility globally, reflected in our efforts to offer product packaging, website content, manuals, and guides in multiple languages with the goal of making our products more accessible to everyone who loves classic vehicles.

Business Awards

U.S Small Business Administration

The SBA empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners with the resources and support they need to start, grow or expand their businesses. Retro Manufacturing has proudly received the following Exporter of the Year awards:

  • SBA 2020 Nevada Exporter of the Year
  • SBA 2020 Region IX Exporter of the Year

Henderson Chamber of Commerce

We are proud members of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and are delighted to have been selected for the All in the Family Award in 2021 for our outstanding achievements as a family-owned business.

  • HCC All in the Family Award 2021
Awards won by Retro Manufacturing

Family Owned and Operated in Henderson, Nevada

Retro Manufacturing is a company of hard-working individuals that is family-owned and operated. We live and work in beautiful Henderson, Nevada. We take great pride in the quality of our products and services to the automotive restoration community. From the moment you purchase one of our products until you’re on the road enjoying your favorite songs, the entire team at Retro Manufacturing hopes you have a great experience from start to finish. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us