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    Watts... RMS vs Peak / Max

    Watts... RMS vs Peak / Max

    In the car audio and consumer electronics world, you hear a lot about watts, power output and power handling. Companies constantly advertise that their speakers...

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Long Beach




Newport 1.5 DIN

Apache for
1954-59 Chevy Trucks

Huntington for
Ford Bronco/Truck
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About Retro Manufacturing

Over 10 years ago a classic car enthusiast and music lover was looking to replace the radio in his 1967 Chevy Impala.  Trying to find that true car audio music experience for his classic was more difficult than anticipated.  After an extensive search he realized he had two choices; a shafted radio that would fit the factory location but had antiquated features and mediocre sound, or sacrifice the Impalas pristine dashboard and cut the dash to install a new radio with the sought after modern convenience features and great sound that he was accustomed to in his daily driver.  After searching without success, he decided to put together a radio that offered both and RetroSound was born. Today, Retro Manufacturing is the only company to offer Apple compatibility, Bluetooth music streaming and handsfree phone, and SiriusXM-Ready radios in a single chassis with traditional two shaft controls.

To complement our radios, RetroSound has a complete line of speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers each engineered for the best possible sound and all designed to work together flawlessly for the best audio experience in your classic.

RetroSound—Modern Sound for your Classic.


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