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RetroMat® Sound Dampening (10 sq ft)

RetroMat<sup>®</sup> Sound Dampening (10 sq ft)-RetroSound
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UPC: 681441093006

Sound Dampening—Improves Stereo Sound Quality

Reduces road and wind noise plus lowers heat from your vehicle. 4.5mm thick matting with odorless self-adhesive backing. 3-ply construction: Butyl Rubber Membrane and Closed Cell Foam reduces exterior noise along with squeaks and rattles, Aluminum Sheeting provides thermal insulation. Strong adhesive for an easy installation.

  • Three 31.5" x 15.75" Sheets (covers 10 sq ft)
  • Great for Door Panels, Floorpans, Trunks, Speaker Kick-panels and more.
  • Easy to apply (peel and stick), 4.5mm thick.
  • Reduces noise by as much as 10dB
  • Shipping Weight 10lbs

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