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Basic Troubleshooting

The questions below are the most common problems you may encounter. Scroll down for more detailed information, or contact us by email, via live chat or by phone at 888.325.1555.


Radio will not turn on (no sound, no lights)

Possible Cause: Yellow wire (12 volts constant ) is not connected or incorrect voltage

Action: With a meter, check the connections on Yellow wire, it should be at least 12 volts

Possible Cause: Red wire (12 volts ignition/accessory) not connected or incorrect voltage.

Action: With a meter, check connections on Red wire for 12 volts while key is in the On or ACC position.

Possible Cause: Black wire (ground) not connected

Action: Be sure black wire is at a clean metal surface or a known ground

Possible Cause: Fuse blown at radio or in vehicle

Action: Check and replace fuses if blown

Radio turns on but no sound

Possible Cause: Radio volume is down or radio is muted

Action: Check volume control and mute function

Possible Cause: Internal amp is in protect mode

Action: Check speaker wiring for shorted or grounded wires

Possible Cause: Radio is in wrong source mode (AUX, BT audio, etc.)

Action: Toggle radio to correct source

Radio Blows Fuses

Possible Cause: Possible short in wiring

Action: Check wiring to be sure there are no shorts. Possible incorrect fuse (15 amp rating is needed for radio)

Possible Cause: Vehicle is positive grounding or battery is in backwards

Action: Check vehicle for correct negative grounding system or verify battery is installed correctly

When using a USB drive: "USB ERR" or "READING", then switched back to radio

Possible Cause: Invalid media or device

Action: Verify media is correct format (MP3 or WAV file, not MP4)

Radio cuts in and out or skips when using USB or AUX inputs

Possible Cause: RF interference from high performance ignition systems

Action: Make sure main control box is isolated from firewall (use the rubber boots that came with the ignition module)

Possible Cause: Advanced or improper ignition timing

Action: Adjust the ignition timing back to factory specs, so that it does not fire prematurely. Check the distributor for cracks or a loose cap. check the rotor for burns of pits on the surface. Test the ignition coil for proper function.

Additional Troubleshooting Information

Radio will not turn on

These are the basic things the radio needs to work properly:

    • Red and yellow wires must be connected for radio to work.
    • Red: 12 volt ignition turns on and off with the key.
    • Yellow: 12 volts constant at all times never loses voltage.
    • Black: Ground to a clean metal chassis point.
    • *Blue: Power Antenna output. Puts out 12 volts to control a power antenna relay.
      (if you have no power antenna, it should be capped off and not used)
    • *Blue/White: Amp turn-on lead. Is a low amperage 12 volt output. (If you are not using an external amplifier, it should be capped off and not used.)

*Note: Blue and Blue/White wires are low amperage and are designed to control internal relays within external amplifiers or power antennas. These outputs are not intended to power other devices. If turning on more than one amplifier or using these to power any other devises, please use the diagram below.

Radio turns on but there is no sound

Please Test the following:

    • Most common problem: Speaker outputs are wired together to one speaker. 
      Each speaker needs its own positive and negative connection from the radio.
    • Shorted or grounded speaker wires or speaker terminals.

Any of these issues may cause the internal amplifier to shut down and will need to be reset after resolving the problem.

To reset: Remove main power plug from rear of radio for 1 minute then reconnect.

Troubleshooting issues with speakers and wiring

Our Radios are high-powered and are designed to work with 4ohm speakers.

Be sure to check or replace your existing speakers if they are not 4ohm.

Speaker output wires CANNOT be wired to a common ground system.

What is Common grounding? 

Common grounding is when speakers in the vehicle use a chassis ground or a common grounding point for the negative side of the speakers. To use our radio you will need to either purchase an adapter or rewire your vehicle’s speakers.

Our radio’s speaker wires CANNOT be bridged.

What is Bridged?

Bridged is connecting two speaker wire outputs together in an effort to increase power.
This will NOT work.

Any unused speaker wires MUST be capped off individually.

Unused speaker wires must not touch each other or “short out” by touching the vehicle’s chassis.
This will cause the radio to not work.

No speaker wires or speaker connectors can be touching ground.

Be sure no speaker output wire is going to ground and no speaker terminal is grounded or shorted.

Standard dash replacement dual voice coil (DVC) speaker wiring using a single speaker

Using the left and right front speaker outputs to connect each side of the dual voice coil DVC to it's own speaker output

Be sure to “cap” off any unused speaker outputs separately to insure they do not touch each other or short to any part of the dash. Speaker output wires cannot be connected together.
See diagram below:

Using only one speaker output from the radio to wire the speaker in series 

Connect one voice coil negative to the other voice coil positive. Then connect ONE speaker output to the remaining positive and negative.
See diagram below: