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Installation FAQs

Do your radios work on a 6 volt system?

No. Our radios are designed to work on a 12 volt negative ground system only.

Why is my radio not turning on?

Our radios require 12 volts on both Yellow 12 volt Constant and Red 12 volt Ignition/ACC wires. Use a digital multimeter to make sure both have 12 volts.

I have all my wiring done and my radio turns on. Why is there no sound?

The speaker wiring could be touching the vehicle’s chassis, causing it to be grounded (shorted).

If the car has an amplified speaker system such as Delco/Bose or Infinity you will need to purchase an adapter or will need to replace the speakers.

If your car has a common grounding speaker system (the speakers in the vehicle use a chassis ground or a common grounding point for the negative side of the speakers) you will need an adapter or will need to replace the speakers.

If your vehicle is using older speakers that are the incorrect impedance the radio will not work. Our radios work with 4 ohm speakers; speakers with less than 4 ohms impedance will cause the radio to shut down or may damage the internal amplifier of the radio.

My car has a Delco/Bose amplified system. Can I use a RetroSound® radio?

Yes, but you will either need to replace the speakers or use a Delco/Bose adapter. You can get these adapters from many online retailers and/or most car stereo shops.

What is a common ground speaker system?

A common ground system means the negative (-) speaker wires in your car are connected to a common grounding point on the vehicle chassis, or at another point within the vehicle. RetroSound® radios will NOT work on a common ground system. You will need to run new wires to each speaker or use a floating ground adapter.

What speaker wire do you recommend?

We recommend 16 to 18 gauge speaker wire. For “runs” longer than 9 feet use 16 gauge.

My car has a switch to operate the power antenna. Can I use the RetroSound® radio’s remote antenna wire to control this?

No. The remote antenna wire from the RetroSound® radio will not control the switch. It is used for a fully-automatic antenna only.

How can your radio fit my car?

By using period-correct and vehicle-specific knobs and trim parts we can achieve a factory or vintage look. Our radio bodies are very small and are designed to fit in the radio location of almost all vintage vehicles.

The face of our radio is a fixed size (3.5" W x 1.5" H). Most classic vehicles have a radio opening larger than the face of our radio, so we provide a bezel and/or faceplate to fill the space and finish the installation.

What is a Bezel or Faceplate?

Most American cars fit the original factory radio from behind the dash. A bezel is a trim piece that slides onto the RetroSound® radio display face to fill the gap between the radio and the factory radio opening. The radio and bezel are loaded from behind the dash and secured.

Most European vehicles would use a faceplate. A faceplate is an outer trim piece that is mounted to the front of the dash and secured with shaft nuts.



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