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Installation FAQ

Why is my radio not turning on?


  • - The Radio is not getting proper power and grounds. Red (ignition input) Yellow (constant 12-volt input) Both need to be connected for our radios to work properly. Use a multi meter to be sure the red wire has 12 volts while the key is on and the yellow wire has 12 volts at all times.
  • - Be sure the Black ground wire is connected to a clean metal point near the radio.
  • - Be sure both shafts are plugged in securely.


My radio is turning on, but I have no sound.


  • - Speakers or speaker wiring is grounded. The speaker wiring could be touching the vehicle’s chassis, causing it to be grounded (shorted).
  • - If your car has a common grounding speaker system (the speakers in the vehicle use a chassis ground or a common grounding point for the negative side of the speakers) you will run new wiring to your speakers.
  • - Speaker wiring cannot be shared or bridged. Each speaker needs its own positive and negative from the radio. No two speaker outputs can be tied together.
  • - If the car has an amplified speaker system such as Delco/Bose or Infinity you will need to purchase an adapter or will need to replace the speakers.
  • - If your vehicle is using older speakers that are the incorrect impedance the radio will not work. Our radios work with 4-ohm speakers; speakers with less than 4 ohms impedance will cause the radio to shut down or may damage the internal amplifier of the radio.


Radio cuts in and out while car is running.


  • - Voltage to the radio in not consistent. Using a multi meter be sure both red and yellow wires show at least 12 volts while the car is running and never goes higher than 14.9 volts. Also, be sure the ground (black wire) is connected to a clean metal point not sharing other electronic such as tach or gauges.
  • - If running an electronic tach be sure the tach input wire is not routed over the radio area.
  • - Some HEI distributors can send out interference. Be sure there is proper shielding on your firewall between the radio and the HEI distributor. In some extreme cases it may be necessary to relocate the radio body (motor) away from the firewall. (this is for vehicle with performance type of tuning)


What is a common ground speaker system?

A common ground system means the negative (-) speaker wires in your car are connected to a common grounding point on the vehicle chassis, or at another point within the vehicle. RetroSound® radios will NOT work on a common ground system. You will need to run new wires to each speaker or use a floating ground adapter

Will your radios work on a 6-volt system or a Positive grounding system?

Sorry, no, RetroSound® radios are designed to work on 12-volt negative grounding systems only.

How to set my Clock


  • 1- Press and hold the right front knob for 3 seconds to access the sub menu. You will see “Auto seek” or Manual” on the display.
  • 2- Release the knob and turn clockwise until you see “CLK” Press the right front knob again.
  • 3- The display will show” AM 12:00” with the 12 flashing. Turn the knob to the desired time adjusting past 12 will toggle AM/PM.
  • 4- Press right front knob to select minutes. Turn clockwise to set minutes.
  • 5- Once time is set press right front knob again to set or let the programming time out.